The Circuit (2021)

Onewheels allowed
Jun 01, 2024
2:00 AM
Sep 15, 2024
11:00 PM

Underground Season #1 (2021)

Sidewinder - South Lake Tahoe (Jamie Marchesan 5:32)

TFL River Run - Sacramento (NR) (Neil Bennett 4:48)

Ganja Smuggling - Santa Cruz (NR) (Austen Silva 4:36)

Shack Attack - Monterey (Austen Silva 3:44)

Blue Oak - Fresno (Brenden Schurmier 9:69)

Hazards Peak - San Luis Obispo (NR) (Bodhi Harrison 6:26)

Let it Ride #3 - Las Vegas (Off Limits) (Brenden Schurmeir 0:58)

The Whoop - Los Angeles (Brenden Schurmeir 2:08)

Waterworks - Orange County (Austen Silva 2:41)

San Diego - Bow Tie Rim (Satori Watts 2:12)

The first Underground season was held in 2021 using Starva. 10 trails across California. Each trail had a winner and each winner was invited to a small Underground Finals at China Peak. The winners from Mile High (Riley Johnson) and SOFLOW (Dom Williams) also attended.

Finals Winners:
1st - Dom Williams (SoFLOW)
2nd - Kyle Hanson
3rd - Bodhi Harrison

NR= Not recorded yet. Let it ride 3 is off limits due to onewheel not allowed at Bootleg Canyon

Points type
This season uses the V2 point system. Only the placings from the top 7 leaderboard contributors will be counted.
Leaderboard contributors
- Sierra Sidewinder trail
- Pro-Ride Shack Attack
- The whoops
- Waterworks
- Bowtie Rim
- Blue Oak