Ohio Underground 2024 Season

Onewheels allowed
Apr 30, 2024
10:00 PM
Jul 31, 2024
9:59 PM

*You MUST complete all segments at a trail group in order to be counted on location leaderboard.*

2024 LOCATIONS: *Trail Groups*
-John Bryan State Park
-TheFloatLife Atrium (Lebanon Bike Park)
-Float Therapy Resort (Hueston Woods)
-FlightFins Goat Park (Alum Creek Gnomewood)
-MagSpikes Graveyard (Horns Hill)
-Hampton Hills
-Craft&Ride Creek (West Creek)

Points type
This season uses the V2 point system. Only the placings from the top 7 leaderboard contributors will be counted.
Leaderboard contributors
- FlightFins Goat Park - Alum Creek Gnomewood
(Trail Group)
- Craft&Ride Creek - Westcreek
(Trail Group)
- John Bryan State Park
(Trail Group)
- Baileys
(Trail Group)
- Hampton Hills
(Trail Group)
- TheFloatLife Atrium - Lebanon
(Trail Group)
- Float Therapy Resort - Hueston Woods
(Trail Group)
- MagSpikes Graveyard - Horns Hill
(Trail Group)